Sunday, November 13, 2011


Dear Friends,

Sorry I have been MIA, I know I broke the number 1 rule of blogging.

We had a couple of wonderful parties, great friends, delish food and of course lots of Halloween. But no photos.

My camera that I so loved has been feeling poorly and preforming badly and I am afraid it is much more
than depression or the flu.  That baby is sick.

 What to do? 

I really can't afford to buy a new one esp. since
that baby is less than a year old. 

But in all fairness she has taken some zillion
shots, been sprinkled on, sat on and
dropped, lost more times then I can count and napped under Jake many of them
and she never missed a beat.

I should have been gentler, spoken to her
softer, carried her in her cute case and given
her an assigned spot of honor
in my home.

Tomorrow I am taking her back to
where she was purchased Calagaz Photo
for some camera ER. 

I have a really old camera but can you
guess? I can't find it,
where can it be.  Oh Jake!

A post with no photos, yikes I think
I just broke Blogging Rule 2.

I have been checking in regularly with you
 and love what you have been up to.
I have missed blogland but you
know the break has been OK.

Who the heck
am I kidding.......I have missed you so much, I love blogland
and I promise if you let me back in to this secret world
I will do better next time, I promise.

Wish us luck, Kathy