Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Last Minute Touches

I hope you're  enjoying the holidays, family and friends. I'm still adding a few touches here and there and loving every minute of it.

This wonderful Father Christmas was painted by my dear talented friend Theresa Lott Stanley in the early 90's.
It's wonderful to bring out our treasures once a year to enjoy the season.

We can find more places to tuck this and that, this year over my mantle I used gold, copper and bronze it was nice for a change. I wish you and your family a very blest Christmas season. Kathy Morgan Lovitt

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I'm Late, I'm Late

Hello Friends,
Lots going on and I want to tell you everything,
Let's have all the children paint the flowers Red for a Party.

 Alice in Wonderland
I want to share a little of what I have been up to. 
Set staging for a dramatic photos shoot with a lovely family.
It was this time last year, hot, hot and hot.
 Acclaimed photographer, Toni Riales with Studio TRP Production,

Tons more, I have been as busy as the white rabbit.
 I want to get back in the swing of posting.  I have been swamped with
my new career as life coaching
 Check us out: 
Kathy Lovitt, Personal Growth Coach, Virtual Mentor and Creative Redirection Muse
That's a mouthful.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Have The Time Robbers Attacked Again?

Hello Friends,

 What in the heck has happened to TIME,
                     have the time robbers                      
appeared again and stolen from me a year of my life?
Have I been in a deep sleep, brought about by eating
that darn poison apple   
     and still waiting for the dreamy prince to plant one on me?

Nothing as exciting as waiting for a prince, although,
I have been busy taking online classes
in Life Coaching and that is exciting for me. 

Starting over, studying, testing and writing is

is not the norm for me but I have enjoyed every minute of it

and looking forward to walking with others

towards reaching their dream.

Enjoy this beautiful day God has blessed us with.
Your friend Kathy