Friday, October 14, 2016

Summer Trip to Serenbe With Dear Friends

 This summer my friends and I were invited to Serenbe, by our best buddy Toni Rueter. to enjoy a beautiful setting, wonderful food, great plays and lots of outing's.

My first time visit to Tyron, Ga. took us to Circa Vintage Market and Antiques

Is this cute or what?  Coffee Bar, every gal's dream.

Our early morning began with a light breakfast at Circa's Coffee Shop.


The staff won us over with their warm personalities and steamy hot coffee, a fun  unexpected surprise.  The coffee shop is bustling with warm personality and clever decorating.


This was a first for us all four but it's near and deer to us.  Deer heads beautifully painted with leaves and nature.

The coffee shop is packed full of great gifts and handcrafted delights to embellish your home or your favorite outfit. 

Then there is More........Flowers, The Funky Shack @ Circa


Natural flowers tucked in the cuties containers, the unexpected is everywhere. 

Hope you have a fun trip planned with your dear friends this fall.


When you're traveling make this a must stop location.  We will be heading back this month and looking forward to my hot coffee and friendly faces.

Theresa, Toni, Sandy and Myself  Wish You Happy Trails My Dear Friends, Love Kathy