Friday, September 30, 2011


A Peek At More


Southern Hospitality is hosting the Door Decor for Fall

This is the door of by best Halloween buddy, Theresa.
She has it wrapped with the new artifical Spanish Moss from Michaels
and filled with the real stuff.

Doesn't it look wonderful, swampy and old?

These photos were taken at night, I will post more taken in
the daylight.  I worked on my window boxes Wed.
can't decide if I like them I need to make a trip into
the woods for vines and moss. 
They need to be a commercial for Dollar Tree
tombstones, skull, rats and the faithful gauze fabric.

Where have you been all my life DT?


Tonight is the final day to register for my Giveaway. Each time you commented
 and if you mentioned it on your blog
you got another chance

I now have 138 followers.
It has been fun meeting everyone and
checking out their sites. 

I hope you win, I will post the lucky winner tomorrow.

I have to get out of this Halloween & Giveaway mod
to tackle something serious.

I am a volunteer with the St. Vincent De Paul Society.
We are lay people who carry God's message to the poor by helping them
with food, emergency funds,
transportation and much more.

Tomorrow we will be hosting our Annual
Friends of the Poor Walk.
In todays economy help is needed more than ever. 
The walk is our only fundraiser, all of our
contributions come from individuals.

Wish us luck for a successful day.

I am so grateful that I have so much to be thankful for.
God is so good to me.


            Yes, you guessed it another halloween                party or two or more.
But to a halloween gal can there
really be to many

This is my first halloween in blog land
and I don't want to miss a
thing.  Won't you join us?

A Fanciful Twist Halloween Flyer 2011

Halloween, isn't it grand?

Happy Hauntings, Kathy


( and

My Friend Ricki Jill from Art@Home

Told me about a great Halloween Swap Party.
We prepare a halloween box filled of halloween goodies and a few things
that go bump in the night and send it to our assigned partner.
Sounds like fun.  Thanks Ricki for letting me know about it.

Practical Magic

I am so excited but was I ever sad.
I saw another party Practical Magic - one of my very favorite.
I was to late....darn....I bet the aunts have something in their
potion book that would help.

Practical Magic Blog Party

Last year my friend Page hosted a Practical Magic evening packed full of
great delights.

Part of the party were lessons on exiting the top of your house only with your umbrella.

Page's kitchen is based on the movie and wow is it
ever so beautiful.  That will wait for another post.

Good Night!
Happy Haunting,  Kathy

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Here!

It's here!

Do you feel it?

Is the hair on the back of your neck standing up?

I thought it would never get here.

OK I feel better now.
I have been planning and working on halloween
for a few weeks.  My best halloween buddy
"Theresa" and I have scouted out
anything and everything to do with
the season.  Theresa has a head start on the
decorating and it looks incredible.

Lots of pictures to share but for now a
mantel or two.  I began mine today and
not quit sure it will stay this way.

But for now it will do. 
What the heck is that big spot of light, could it be a spirit?

 What can I say I got a little carried way with Dollar Tree's gauze fabric.

 This is Theresa's den mantel packed full of old, discarded needful things.

The clock was found last week during one of our
many trips.  It looks great for halloween.
Propped with books and skelton hands, the
rats are having a snack. 
They are waiting for the master to return.

Bell chimes in the background, clocks ticking,
candles lite flickering, awaiting a guest for the evening.

 I can't wait to join the rest of you for the party.                       See you soon!

Happy Hauntings,  Kathy

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feeling Blessed


Everyday I wake, I pray
that I will take the gifts
I have been given to
the world I live in.

So in my heart,
I must confess
to live
to give,
I am Blessed

I haven't posted in a couple weeks, I have missed you.

White is always so restful I always enjoy
Faded CharmCottage - White Wednesday so I am
heading over to check you out. With
the fragrance of my candle
and the warmth of a
cup of tea I am so
relaxed at the end of this day.

I enjoy when I have the time to play,
I have visited with many of you
tonight and as always
you leave me

I wanted to share with you my newest
piece of vintage jewelry.
I love white jewelry and this
bracelet is a fun piece.
  The lace is also new it was
purchased recently
from an estate sale.
Two large panels probably curtains.
What shall I do with them?
  Blessings, Kathy

Nature's Blessings

I wanted to share my most recent

This great tabletop conservatory listed at $140.00 and on    markdown for $20.00,
yes only $20.00. 
 I love these dearly and have terrariums but not
anything this little charmer. 
A piece of glass is broken on the side, so I do
what I do best - IGNOR IT.

I began with gathering moss, plants, lichen on limbs.

A nice metal tray holds the plants.
I decided I would pack it full of fresh moss,
my good ole standby "Ressurrection Fern",
wild muchrooms, interesting twigs and
some creeping vine.

I found some loose bark that looks wonderful.

I love the way it is turning out. 

Now where shall I put it prehaps in front of the windows?

Wait something is not quit right,
something is missing.

Now it is just perfect for the season.

This week I will begin decorating for Halloween.
I think it will look great on the porch
with the bottles of potions, spider webs,
breath of ravens, bones, witches brew and much more.

It will even look good under this table.

Once Halloween is over I will tuck it in the potting shed
for early spring decorating. 

Fall is out in all the stores, Halloween is everywhere.
The first of the fresh pumpkins showed up this week.
It's it wonderful?  I feel so blessed to enjoy natures gifts.

I can't wait to see what you have been up to.
Blessings, Kathy

Drop by the parties!

Monday, September 12, 2011


A touch of fall to inspire.

What does fall flowers have to do with spiders?
I was in the mood to play with fall dishes and
it just seemed like a natural combination.
Why is it collectors of any type always
love great dishes?
Even in this tiny cottage I still
have to have lots of dishes, for all
occasions or any occasion.

A wonderful green vintage jeweled
spider pin looks great on the Zinnia (Zienna).

I enjoy using the antique horn pewterware 
especially with vintage pumpkin plates and 
      brown spongeware.            

My post on August 30th featured fall Zinnias.
Yes folks this gal got her monies worth.

I finally had to toss them today.
Now grant you they are hanging on
by a thread but they did last for this post.

I am heading over to Dear Little Red House weekly linky party,
Mosaic Monday,  drop by for a visit.

Pour yourself a glass of something cool
and join me in a toast.
Happy 100 Followers to ME!

I am glad you dropped by, thank you for
visiting, please take a minute to comment.
Your comments make my day.
Blessings,  Kathy

Come see what is new at the great blogs below.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Giveaway Celebration 100 Followers

Where has the time gone?

It was just a few short months ago
I plunged into Blogland.

You have been so patient overlooking
the shine on my photos, errors in spelling,
poor manners linking etc, etc.

I have enjoyed my short journey and was
so thrilled the other day
when I saw......
I have 94 followers.

Thank you so much for following,
commenting and emailing. 
I feel that I know you and I
like you as my new friend.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

(Can you tell I can't find my S)
I am going to host a giveaway.
for you and your friends in celebration of my
100 followers. Check back to see
what A Tiny Cottage on Grand has
put together for you.
You are going to love it!

To begin with
Ironstone Platter
 Antique Hardcover Book 
"The British Essayists"
Antique Linen
Antique Lace
 2 Tea Cups with Tea in a lovely bag
Pages of Old Music
and much more

The drawing will be September 30th.
To be registered in the drawing
send a comment to this post showing
your interest in winning and mention
my giveaway on your blog.

Each additional time you
comment on a future post you will
receive another chance to win.

Are you confused? 
Don't worry with or without 100
the drawing will be Sept. 30th.

Blessings,  Kathy

Monday, September 5, 2011


We attended our monthly antique sale this weekend and on the third day smalls and select items are   60% off.
Well I must have been high on caffeine and dust
because I actually bought a table
for $16.00.

I confess I bought a two legged table.  I wish I
had a good excuse but I don't, stupidity
kicked in and good judgement
flew out the window.

It had character, patina and great height.

It even had a drawer, a wonderful top with one        of the boards is 14" wide.

You see I just couldn't resist so I brought it
home and tucked it in my studio directly in front
of a mantel with the chair jammed into it.

Why?  Why Not!
My plan is to have my handy man
nail it into the wall of my potting shed.

Since it is so tall I could cut all the legs
shorter and use it in front of the sofa.

One broken leg and one is 3" to short.

I just love the height it would be easy to work off of.
It would be a great deal if it just had
four legs.
I know your not this weak to be turned
by patina and looks or are you?

Happy Searching, Blessings  Kathy

Going to join these parties

SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumbThe House in the Roses


Once upon a midnight dreary,
while I pondered weak and weary

Edgar Allen Poe, compliments of The Graphic Fairy

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there
came a tapping,
As of someone gently rapping,
rapping at my chamber door -

I feel it in my bones.
Yes, folks FALL is coming.
We have had three days of rain,
and a constant tornado warning.
 But it has brought cooler nights and cooler days.

Yes, folks FALL is coming and
that means HALLOWEEN is around the corner.

My best halloween bud, Theresa and I
have searched the county over
for halloween. 

Trust me when I say we don't need
anything, I mean nothing, nothing new at all.

We both have been avid halloween collectors
for a long time.  Decorating and parties is what
its about for us.  So we always search out every
shop in hopes there will be something new.


A wonderful set of 4 plates, a raven, skelton, rat and owl.

Dollar Tree has the packages of halloween
creepy cloth and some great looking spiders.

Midnight Dreary plate is on a tombstone as a placemat.
They will look tons better setting on a black plate.
I had fun playing with a few of my recent
purchases today. 

Now that we may be having cooler weather
I can tackle the attic and begin
bringing down decorations.

Hoping everyones dreary weather is over.

Are you as excited about Fall and Halloween?
Happy Labor Day,  Blessings  Kathy

Linking with Debbie for her Newbie Party and a few more