Thursday, January 26, 2012


Do all my post start out with I Love.....?

 This love fest will feature
some of my antique samplers that I have recently displayed
in my one and only bath. 

What samplers in a bathroom, is she crazy?
Yes, I probably am but trust me it isn't
because of the samplers.

I believe the treasures we dearly
love should be enjoyed and out in view
for us to treasure.

Framed in lovely birdseye maple, it just
sets off the beauty of the samplers.
As you can see they are from the
early 1900's.

All three were purchased in different years from a great antique show, "Heart of Country",
some 25 years ago. 
Samples of needlework from boarding schools for proper ladies.
The girls were young so it was a good way to teach them the alphabet and stitches at the same time.
As you can see I some didn't make the best grade.

I never tire of them but since I do live in a tiny cottage and every
wall is taken I just had to hang them in the bathroom.

You have to think outside the box in a tiny space.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Last Hooray

The Last Hooray.... came from this lovely single bloom. 

A couple of weeks ago this little cutie pie
was blooming its heart out the day before
Jack Frost nip at it.

Triple ruffles just being prissy.

I love to start bulbs in the house but as
always they get to leggy.
This one vase the Paper Whites are in
helps to keep them from falling over. 
I love them started in my white ironstone
comp but before long they will
out grow their home.
Today was the last hooray for the
 Tulips also they started shedding this morning but they
were grand.

This is my spot to enjoy coffee
and visit with you, so I always love
having something blooming near by.

An old statue of St. Joseph seems right at home
along with the collection of stoppers.

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day,
 Good Night and Sweet Dreams

It's not to late to catch some fun, come join me.
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Monday, January 16, 2012


This little beauty is so fragile it is a wonder any
petals stay on her. 
These flowers were cut
late yesterday and this morning......petals everywhere.

But you just can't help but love her, if even for a short
time, she reigns in beauty.

I love decanters for vases esp. when it comes to one single stem.

I am off for a couple of days and just anxious to be at home.

I love staying busy, working and going but gosh give a girl
a break. 
 I can also relate to mama bear,
she has the right idea........hibernate.

I love guilt free days when you just don't worry about
anything and you don't have any plans to do much of anything. 
             Lets face it the dirty windows,               
 dirty cloths,
dog hair glistening on the floor isn't going anywhere.

Hope you have a relaxed day.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Sunday

What a great lazy day.  It has been awhile since I could
 enjoy blogland, its great just to hop around
and see what everyone has been up to.

I wanted to feature this unusual flower/plant? 
This week I made a trip to a florist to get flowers
for a friends birthday and I was
very intriged by this plant.

I guess I love it so since it reminds me of mood moss.
These are three stems that mound so beautifully.

Do you know what it is?

The compote is filled with glass
stoppers, some are old but most are pressed glass.

I have the compote on a table
by my front window it is lovely when the sun
bounces off the glass.  It is one of those things
that gives you pleasure to wash, a little
cleaning always make them sparkle.

Enjoy the evening, I have just poured byself some tea and plan
on continuing my lazy day. Kathy

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Getting My Creative Groove On

                                          Just a few pieces from last weeks

adventures in Junking.

I shared with you my 2012 goal to get
(I must mean business I have typed it in RED)

I certainly don't lack inspiration, it's all around me.

Each and everyone of your blogs trigger my inspiration.

Now I just need to get motivated and create.
Oh, I can get fired up about a party or a project around my house
it is just when it comes to actually doing some type of art I am stuck.
So what do you do when your stuck........go buy more stuff.
Anyhow that is why I am taking a
few online art workshops.  I worked most of the day yesterday
making a mess with Jeanne Oliver and enjoyed each minute.

Now let me share with you items that I feel will
work in my mixed media art projects.

Check out the cute door!  Not sure where it came from.
I imagine it's the back to a
clock but I like to think it was the entrance
to a magical secret place.....

I did luck up and find several great
old tintypes. 
They are wonderful, they each tell a story.

My lack of creating art, jewelry or needful things is
certainly not because I lack the
stuff (supplies).  I have a feeling that some of you
may feel the same way.  I do find that too much to choose from
can be a handicap to getting started on a project.

Thanks so much for listening..... Have a blessed Sunday.

I am very behind on my linky parties. hopefully I can still catch a few.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm in Love, Love, Love. I have fallen head over heals in love with my new phone Motorola Android, 8 MP, with extra memory for pictures, super flash.
After checking with many of you and commenting on your terrific photos. You let the secret out. You use your phone. Since I have had fits with my camera and way past due for a new phone......I was forced to join the 21st. Century by upgrading.

She's a beauty!

The Camellia photos are from my phone.....I'm just so darn excited.
I now can email directly to my blog...1,2,3. 

Heck if I could learn just some of what it takes to blog I figured maybe just maybe I could catch on to this new phone.

Good Night, Kathy



I have been feeling rather boring.  Not being inspired
nor feeling motivated to do anything creative.
I want to.... I have all the stuff, the perfect space but I have lost
my creative motivation.  Creative motivation is
different from desire, it's a spark that can turn into
a ragging fire of creativity.  I want to make stuff with my
hands, I want to be happily covered with paint and glue anticipating the
next spark.

One night recently I ventured on a search for
online workshops that would be the
boost I needed.  It is unbelievable what talent rages
in some, what magical ideas are floating
out there in cyberspace for us to enjoy.

I wondered onto Jeanne Oliver's blog and what a wonderful treat that was.  You can't help but
fall immediately in love with her.  She
was offering just the right medicine for me,
an online journey to rediscover my creative side.
The first week began yesterday and will
continue for the next four weeks. 
I am looking forward to every minute.
It may not be to late for you to join me?


Creatively Made E-Course

Good Morning Friends

Hello Dear Ones,

It's been quit awhile since I have blogged.

I have missed you greatly, it seems that I had taken a detour
and found myself slap out of blogland.

Each day I think I will blog today, but wait
I haven't a thing of interest to write about.

Life sort of stood in my way.  I had taken a temporary
contract job until the first of this year and now that I have time
to breathe... I am back in the saddle. 

This morning after arriving home, on this drizzly day,
I was greeted by my lovely Camellia's which line
my drive way. They have bloomed just for me. 

What a site,
I thought of you and wanted to
share a photo or two.

This particular one has a very ruffled center.
What I do love about this flower is that if you pick a bud half way formed, it will bloom for you.

Camellia's do best cut short and floating.  But I can
never resist making bouquets.  They will
begin shedding a little by tomorrow but will last a few days.

This lovely one is verigated pink and white.

I am so happy I finally got with the program.

I have lots of fun things going on and I can't 
wait to tell you all about them.

Talk with you soon, XOXOXO  Kathy