Monday, January 16, 2012


This little beauty is so fragile it is a wonder any
petals stay on her. 
These flowers were cut
late yesterday and this morning......petals everywhere.

But you just can't help but love her, if even for a short
time, she reigns in beauty.

I love decanters for vases esp. when it comes to one single stem.

I am off for a couple of days and just anxious to be at home.

I love staying busy, working and going but gosh give a girl
a break. 
 I can also relate to mama bear,
she has the right idea........hibernate.

I love guilt free days when you just don't worry about
anything and you don't have any plans to do much of anything. 
             Lets face it the dirty windows,               
 dirty cloths,
dog hair glistening on the floor isn't going anywhere.

Hope you have a relaxed day.

Drop by Villabarnes
Rosemary's Giveaway is wonderful, don't miss it.

While you're out drop by my newest friend, Wendy's blog,
her photography is fabulous.

I am going to catch a few parties, lets face it that two month
MIA put me really behind.
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  1. It's snowing the real stuff here !
    Love the flowers and vases.
    Pop over and sign up for the give-away.

  2. Pretty, pretty camellias!! Love the decanters you have too!
    Happy Day!!

  3. I love camellias. They are just such beautiful little flowers. I know-today I am laying low and not worrying so much about the vacuuming and mopping that needs to be done. Tomorrow- I'll worry- xo Diana

  4. That looks fabulous! I love the decanters used that way!

  5. What beautiful camellias I just love them. Thanks for sharing them they brightened my day, and thanks for kind words on my blog.

  6. How lovely to have snowing camellias! The snow around my home is of a completely different variety, although I like it too.

  7. I love sparkly glass too! So pretty with flowers!

  8. Beautiful photos Kathy. Hope your day was a restful one. Thanks for the share.

  9. Your camellias are stunning. I love our state flower! Mine bloom around Halloween and Thanksgiving. I wish I had some varieties that bloom now! Our front yard is looking a little sad....

  10. i love the decanter idea for vases......wonderful!!!

  11. Yes those flowers are lovely, even if they do not last long cut and in vases. You must live in California to have flowers like that in January!

  12. I too love camellias. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!


  13. Congratulations!! You've been awarded the Liebster Award for great blogs with less that 200 friends following!! Go to my post to read all the details!!


  14. We won't see Camellias for another 6 weeks, but I can't wait. They mean that spring is well and truly here.


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