Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good Morning Friends

Hello Dear Ones,

It's been quit awhile since I have blogged.

I have missed you greatly, it seems that I had taken a detour
and found myself slap out of blogland.

Each day I think I will blog today, but wait
I haven't a thing of interest to write about.

Life sort of stood in my way.  I had taken a temporary
contract job until the first of this year and now that I have time
to breathe... I am back in the saddle. 

This morning after arriving home, on this drizzly day,
I was greeted by my lovely Camellia's which line
my drive way. They have bloomed just for me. 

What a site,
I thought of you and wanted to
share a photo or two.

This particular one has a very ruffled center.
What I do love about this flower is that if you pick a bud half way formed, it will bloom for you.

Camellia's do best cut short and floating.  But I can
never resist making bouquets.  They will
begin shedding a little by tomorrow but will last a few days.

This lovely one is verigated pink and white.

I am so happy I finally got with the program.

I have lots of fun things going on and I can't 
wait to tell you all about them.

Talk with you soon, XOXOXO  Kathy


  1. So good to hear from you Kathy!
    Those camellias are gorgeous and give me hope that spring is on it's way.......I am anxious!!

  2. Kathy, your camellias are so pretty. :D Welcome back!


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