Sunday, November 13, 2011


Dear Friends,

Sorry I have been MIA, I know I broke the number 1 rule of blogging.

We had a couple of wonderful parties, great friends, delish food and of course lots of Halloween. But no photos.

My camera that I so loved has been feeling poorly and preforming badly and I am afraid it is much more
than depression or the flu.  That baby is sick.

 What to do? 

I really can't afford to buy a new one esp. since
that baby is less than a year old. 

But in all fairness she has taken some zillion
shots, been sprinkled on, sat on and
dropped, lost more times then I can count and napped under Jake many of them
and she never missed a beat.

I should have been gentler, spoken to her
softer, carried her in her cute case and given
her an assigned spot of honor
in my home.

Tomorrow I am taking her back to
where she was purchased Calagaz Photo
for some camera ER. 

I have a really old camera but can you
guess? I can't find it,
where can it be.  Oh Jake!

A post with no photos, yikes I think
I just broke Blogging Rule 2.

I have been checking in regularly with you
 and love what you have been up to.
I have missed blogland but you
know the break has been OK.

Who the heck
am I kidding.......I have missed you so much, I love blogland
and I promise if you let me back in to this secret world
I will do better next time, I promise.

Wish us luck, Kathy


  1. Sorry about the camera. I would be lost without my little inexpensive one. Wonder if you could ask Santa for one. Good luck.

  2. Good luck with the camera,sure hope it can be fixed.
    My old washer died,replaced it and the fridge is on the fritz.
    These things always happen just before the Holidays!!

  3. I hope they can fix your camera, Kathy! (or find your old one) We'll all be waiting for you hee when you get back! xo Diana

  4. Hi Kathy- I'm a new visitor here-- doing a little blog surfing this afternoon. Your "photo less" post here has me feeling sorry for you-- ( actually, I'm laughing!). I am sorry your camera is in need of some mending-- you have certainly blessed your readers with some beautiful pictures on your blog. The Pottery barn setting is fabulous!!

    I'll say a little prayer for your camera- hope its on the mend soon-- and if not- you can always crawl on Santa's lap and whisper sweet camera words in his ear!

  5. Awww...Kathy - we miss you too....we'll take ya however we can get ya - even sans photos if need be - but truly hope they can give your camera another couple of lives....Wishing you a wonderful week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. I am also a new visitor and enjoyed your cute post although I feel badly about your camera. Maybe not having photos brings out the writer inside yourself. Good luck! ---------- Shannon

  7. OH, no!!!! So sorry about your camera issues. It's OK to be a rebel and break rules every now and then ;P

  8. Good Morning Kathy ~
    Will it make you feel better to know shortly I will be leaving to collect lots of moss in the woods? ;)
    Just pick up a cheap sony that's what I use...
    But, hurry back.
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  9. I have the same guilt when I am away from blogland. Life is busy- do the best you can. That's my mantra! Sorry about the camera :(

  10. Sorry about your camera. My old one "died" recently, and I found a brand new great one for $40.00. It is a very nice little camera. Got it at Office Depot a couple of weeks ago- try checking them out. Oops, I hope it's OK to mention their store name :)

  11. A few rebels here and there in blogland are what keep it all so interesting. The only "real" rule I know about is to keep your posts clean, so just go ahead and do your own thing. Good luck with your camera situation. There are usually some great deals during this time of year. Have a happy Thanksgiving!
    :) CAS

  12. It's okay to break the rules, you always be loved. I am so sorry about the cameral issue. Perhaps Santa will be kind a deliver one under the tree. I will be hoping for you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  13. Your blog is super cute!! :) I became a follower! Erin

  14. I hope your camera is revived soon:) Thank you so much for your recent visit and comment to my means so much.

    xo, abby

  15. It's okay Kathy...I go MIA too...sometimes life just takes over and it is hard to sit and blog about it. Sorry to hear about your camera that really stinks. Missed you thou...

  16. Love this post. I hope your camera sees better days soon. May you have Happy Holidays this holiday season.

  17. Wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!
    Gaby xo

  18. hey there.......
    just sending you a



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