Monday, September 5, 2011


We attended our monthly antique sale this weekend and on the third day smalls and select items are   60% off.
Well I must have been high on caffeine and dust
because I actually bought a table
for $16.00.

I confess I bought a two legged table.  I wish I
had a good excuse but I don't, stupidity
kicked in and good judgement
flew out the window.

It had character, patina and great height.

It even had a drawer, a wonderful top with one        of the boards is 14" wide.

You see I just couldn't resist so I brought it
home and tucked it in my studio directly in front
of a mantel with the chair jammed into it.

Why?  Why Not!
My plan is to have my handy man
nail it into the wall of my potting shed.

Since it is so tall I could cut all the legs
shorter and use it in front of the sofa.

One broken leg and one is 3" to short.

I just love the height it would be easy to work off of.
It would be a great deal if it just had
four legs.
I know your not this weak to be turned
by patina and looks or are you?

Happy Searching, Blessings  Kathy

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  1. Hi Kathy, thanks for stopping by the diary. Can you believe that tiny cottage on the water is actually inhabited? You can search more about it under Just Room Enough Island or Thousand Islands.

    I love your table. I say why not!! Maybe you can stack up some pretty hat boxes, books, or a column or two for legs. Anything imperfect is so welcome to me these days. I love it!!

    Much love,

  2. This is hubs would shake his head...but I think it is can always buy legs....or maybe you will find a table with great legs and a terrible top!! Have fun!

  3. Kathy,
    Love the top of your table! Even though things aren't always perfect, sometimes we just have to have them! I agree with the above comments, you can figure something out for the leg situation! No matter what, it's very cool!
    Glad you liked my "puppy" planters! thanks for visiting,

  4. I am laughing wholeheartedly at this post, since it is something I would do myself...two legs we'll improvise :)
    It's a beautiful old piece, I can understand the impulsive buy, who wouldn't love that old patina.
    It looks grand where you've propped it !

  5. Thanks for stopping by! Browsing your blog now - lovely photos! I like that patina too, btw :-)

  6. I'd buy it in a heart beat with no regret! You'll make it wonderful and everyone will be drooling and wishing they had your vision. You go girl!

  7. Actually.....a long time ago, I had the idea of using the "treadle" part of a Singer sewing machine as the base for our kitchen table. I happened to find the exact Singer model I was looking for at a garage sale at my parents church for only $20. It was painted PINK. I kid you not. This was year and years ago before blogging and Pink Saturday was heard of, lol. Anyway, when I reached our home, my then husband, laughed at the pink color. Awhile later he came in and told me I had just found a "steal". He scraped a bit of the paint off and I had the most beautiful patina of wood underneath. In one of those times of doing something really nice for me, he removed the paint, sanded and varnished it. Nope never did want to take the treadle off after that. So you never know what what you can do with something. I like the idea of nailing it to the wall and using that way. You could also "stencil" back legs on the wall and use the two good ones you have. Have fun with it.


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