Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fun Times With Fun Friends in Fun Places

My friends and I love to look for any excuse to spend a few days in Birmingham and visit our favorite shop White Flowers Gallery in Homewood. 

Thought you would enjoy some eye candy and a short trip. 

When I say everything is white, calming and ethereal I mean everything.  It's a lovely place to visit and you don't want to leave. 

Come with me and we'll slip in the back door to take a PEEK!

The owner, Diana, has the best taste in her selections that she carries.  There is always something delicious to discover, treasurers that you may never see again.

Everything is white or shades of white, gray and cream.  Blissfully White. 
You want to leave with one of everything.....but you can't, although you can dream.

Hope you've enjoyed recently a special trip with your favorite
friends, it not give them a call and plan it now.
Blessings to you, Kathy