Monday, May 7, 2012

Beauty and the Beast (Blogger)

Beauty and the Beast (Blogger)

Hello Friends,
I have missed you all and have especially missed posting but it seems Blogger doesn't want me to.

Since I have been inactive for a few months they go and change things, just when I was
trying to get into the swing of things.  I haven't a clue if this post will even go through. 
I have been trying countless times to post with no results.

I wanted to send a few photos of this beauty that is blooming her heart out.
Sorry but I can't seem to remember her name.  As you can see the bloom
is long and slender each bud reminds me of a red fingernail. 

She lingers on my front fence and is always a welcomed site.

Each year I say that I will not let her come up, she is very invasive and
has a huge bush, and takes up a lot of room in my little garden.

But just look at her........she is a lovely one.

Back to my Blogger problem, if you have experienced any headaches please
let me know so I won't think I am alone.  The text box to blog is about 1 inch high
and it covers the toolbar so I can't change anything.  I have wondered
if Wordpress might be easier?  Any thoughts on that or if you know the magic button
please share.

Spring is just heavely,

There is always a nice surprise in the garden.  Hope you are enjoying
the beauty in nature.
I will look forward to hearing from you.  Blessings,  Kathy


  1. Hi Kathy, thanks for stopping by, Sassy Trash is having the same problem, no problems for me yet anyway, goodluck and keep up that beautiful red bush!


  2. Well, there you are- I wondered what happened to you- Shortly after I signed up I quit seeing posts from you. So, yes, your post is here along with pictures and words. Nice to see you! Hugs- Diana

  3. Sorry - no good advice or magic from here. I'm struggling with the new blogger and am always happy when I manage to post.
    It's lovely to see a post from you!


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