Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Cloche Party

  I fell in love with cloches in the early 80's, when visiting England, they were in every garden and shop.

 There was a time when
they were not as easily available here in the south. 
I think the first one I bought was
in Nashville at the Heart of Country show in the early 90's and from then on out I was in love.

I love to use them in the garden and especially bringing them inside with plants.

They are a great low maintenance way to enjoy plants    for a few weeks indoors.

As you can tell lots of condensation builds up so
you have be able to prop the
top open just a little.

They're fun to decorate with, showcase
your collection, use them for
entertaining but most of
all they look great
grouped together.
   I am joining others at A Stroll Thru Life's Cloche Party

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  1. I love these because they are low maintenance and keep the cats out!


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