Monday, July 18, 2011

Thrifty Treasures

Southern Hospitality is hosting her Thrifty Treasures Monday

A few weeks ago I attended an estate sale on its third day.
Even late I stll managed to purchase several pieces.
F B Rogers Silver Company, Taunton, Mass. service was priced right I just couldn't leave it.

Martha had passed away at 91 and never married.

She lived an interesting life in a beautiful southern home and she dearly loved her treasures.
My type of gal.  We could have been friends. 

If we were I would have asked her why did she love this tiny
china bird whistle so much to hold on to it for so long?

I must have purchased 30 misc. books, each holding 
cards, holy cards, notes or paper clippings.

    Martha's old prayer books hold the most interest.
It is lovely to see that since childhood
she held a close relationship with Christ.

Happy Treasure Hunting,  Kathy


  1. I'm glad you were able to obtain some of "Martha's prized possessions"...Estate sales, although we love them as dealers, collectors, junkers, etc...they are often very sad...many think of "good deals" while in reality, they are the existence of someone's life! Blessings, Tiffany

  2. Very beautiful post kathy, What treasures we sometimes were meant to find. I love the story about Martha she sounded like a beautiful soul.
    I was wondering how your moss bed is coming along?
    The picture in my post is my shoppe it is attached to the back of my home, when you walk in the front you then walk up a few steps to where the original summer porch is. That's where my seasonal business is. The weather has also been hot here too! I hope you are keeping cool.
    Lots of hugs Rosemary X

  3. Love your story about Martha.
    Twice I have gone to an estate sale and could tell from the home, the feel of it, the items loved and left behind..... that someone I would have liked to have known had lived there. When that happens the feeling seems to linger with me for a while. A little odd, but not unpleasant.

  4. I too feel the same way about going to estate sales. I try to think about how I am going to give their treasures a longer life and enjoy them also. I know that would make them happy.
    It's really hard when it is in the home and family are the ones doing the sale. I try to let them know how much I will treasure their items. I hope it helps in some way. Love the tea set!

  5. I always have a bittersweet feeling at estate sales ,wondering about the persons life. I am always glad that someone picks the small stuff to love,that many people overlook.

  6. Hi! New follower #78, here. Found you via Debbie. I love a good estate sale. Martha and I could have been friends too. Love all your new treasures.

  7. Kathy, I love the treasures you found at the estate sale and the way you displayed them all is so neat. I am sure the lady who loved them would be pleased they found a good home!Thanks, by the way, for joining my blogs, Egretta

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and following me! I am following you as well. Your blog is beautiful and I'm looking forward to exploring it more!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog and following me! I am following you as well. Your blog is beautiful! -Sue

  10. Love that silver tea service! I would have snagged it, too. That little bird whistle is such a treasure! So glad you brought it home with you. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm hosting my monthly Before Blogging Throwback Thursdays party, and would love for you to link up anything you made/did/bought Before Blogging. Can't wait to see what you bring to the party.

  11. How wonderful that you were able to purchase these treasures that were so loved by Martha. I often think of what I would be leaving behind and keep trying to get organized because I don't anyone to find a big huge mess after I'm gone. :/ Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  12. Lovely finds! Thanks for stopping by and friending me! I hope we may visit often!

  13. Oh yes, I'm one of your newest friends!!

  14. Estate sales always seem so sad to me - to think of someone's possessions being sold. Hopefully they go to people who will appreciate them. I know you do!

  15. What a sweet post... sweet and sad all at the same time...but it sounds like you found many treasures!


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