Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hello Friends,
For the past few years I have tried to collect seeds from my 
blooming flowers as they dry.  I follow the instructions
and am always very proud of the
number of seeds I harvest.

Each winter as I browse my gardening books, I get fired up to plant my dried seeds.  Ever so careful I do exactly like they suggest and
by early spring I have seedlings and before
long they are planted into the ground.

Yep, you guessed it nothing........  

But this year here it is summer and guess what?

Dumb luck!

I let nature do what she is 
so wonderfully can.

My spring blooming wild
Queens Anne's Lace 
was in full bloom in 

In May I noticed little
seedlings coming up
from the seeds that the
blooms had dropped just
a month before.

Here it is almost July and
I have blooms with a dozen
or so new plants budding.

I am so thrilled with
my unexpected gift
and a gardening

Don't take life so serious.

Enjoy the beauty of nature
and let her take the course in my little garden.

More Gifts      This wicked plant is know as "Dutchman's Pipe".
My plant never seems to do much....just a lot of foliage.
But when it blooms, it stops traffic.  Hanging
on my front yard picket fence it is always of interest.
Here are two buds ready to bust open.
Look carefully one bloom is large ready to peak
and the other one is smaller.

The blooms can be up to 10" long, and will only last
a day or two.  This year since we had such a
mild winter it has bloomed twice already
 each time a dozen or so blooms will
hang over the fence.
It's different not a beauty and with no floral scent
 but yet it deserves a spot in my garden.

Enjoying this lazy Sunday with The Tablescaper.

Enjoy your Gifts, Kathy


  1. Yep, Nature Knows Best! My best growing plant was dill. It reseeded itself every year and started sprouting before I thought it was safe to put other seeds into the ground!

  2. It's always such a treat to see what Mother Nature has sent out on a 'voluntary' status! What treats for the garden!


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