Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello Friends,

         I wasn't the only early bird at Tim Tait's estate sale today.
High Cotton
A finally met Linda from Coastal Charm - Yep in the flesh!

I have been a follower of her charming blog for a few years and always try 
to join the fun at Nifty Thrifty Tuesday's.
Linda and her sweet husband have a booth at
Antiques at the Loop
 where I have recently joined.

If you not confused yet, Tim and his wife Desiree also own Antiques at the Loop.(That's another post)

Where was I?  Oh yes, I now have a new best friend.

I started calling her Sassy - Miss Sassy, check her out.

I am trying to contain my happiness
I am so thrilled to have "Miss Sassy".

Look at her, she is so confident, great posture.
This chic has a cute figure.

Yep she's a keeper!

I am on a mission to find display pieces for my
tiny shop and I know she will 
work esp. since she was such a good price
$25.00 - Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

No base, so I will be challenged on how to use her.

I can see gauze and old lace wrapped here and there
my jewelry will look great on Miss Sassy.
She will be able to pull it off.
Do you have any suggestions?

Come join me at a few parties.
 Enjoy the rest of your week, Kathy

Knick of Time Tuesday


  1. Kathy- She's a beauty! I wonder if you couldn't use an old hat rack of some kind as a support for her (as a base). I think she would be easier to "dress". I kind of like the industrial look she has! xo Diana

  2. I think she would look beautiful wrapped in lace.

  3. Meeting blog friends is fun! I think that Sassy is a cute addition to your adorable cottage!


  4. She is so beautiful and I know you will dress her up so cute. Great find.

  5. What a sweet many ideas! a long burlap skirt...a flag for 4th of July...a wood base...anything you do with her is going to be great!

  6. Miss Sassy is sure a beauty. I had one like her a few years ago, but ended up passing her along to someone who loved her as much as I did. Sellers remorse set in immediately. Isn't it fun meeting blogging friends? Lucky you to have met up with Linda!!

  7. You have an outstanding blog here lady!!! And Miss Sassy is sensational! What a very cool piece to display your work on!!! Thank you so much for popping by so that now I can follow along with you on your journey!

  8. What a treasure she is -- and yes, so many possibilities because she has good bones! Even with out a base, just sitting on a table to display your treasures would be lovely.

  9. Kathy,
    I am so glad that we both didn't see her at the same time...Tim might have had his hands full (just kidding)!!! What an awesome deal you got on her and I am sure she is look sooooo pretty in your space. Made a trip over to LA. today to pick up some furniture from a family I better go and unload it. Happy to have you at my party and thanks for the sweet words:)


  10. I've blogged about dressing my dress form, but she doesn't have a name:) Sassy suits yours! Stop by my blog:)

  11. Totally loving your Miss Sassy!! You will have to doll her up and attend the Dress Form Ball next year at The Polka Dot CLoset!!

    Thanks so much for your visit and kind words!!


  12. She's a beauty! Can't wait to see what all you do with her! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my tussie-mussie post!

  13. Totally a keeper! Oh I think you are going to have hours of fun glamming her up!
    Have a happy 4th of July!

  14. I love her! There is one at our local antique mall that I want but she is $85! You got a got deal on yours!

  15. Oh she is a beaut! What a bargain price too. I can see her in lace or even paper. I think you are going to have so much fun! Great that you got to meet Linda. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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