Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Friend Drops By!

Hello Friends,
Friday morning, before the rain came in for a weekend visit, I was taking a few photos
of new blooms.

There was mother nature at her best.

That was one busy bee working those
Rudbeckia bloom.

I just love this delicate orange bloom,
I only wish I knew what it is.

Any ideas?

I have had it for a couple of years but
this summer is the first time its bloomed.

Could you guess that I love ORANGE?

I am always so partial to yellow and orange colors and this beauty offers both.

Thank you Lord, for letting me pause and
enjoy the beauty you have
created.  Blessings, Kathy


  1. Loves orange too. Combined with blue.

  2. Wow- I was sure I had responded to this when you first posted it-at least I THOUGHT I did. Anyway, lovely photos and I can see your love of orange. I used to love all the orange day lilies that grew in the ditch alongside the roadside where I grew up- xo Diana

  3. This post is a blessing. Lovely photos!

  4. I am not a gardener but I am guessing that they are cone flowers. I have something growing with pretty little lavender flowers on it. I think it's a weed but I like them.

  5. I have no idea what the pretty little flower is - but your garden is lovely in its bright flowers!

  6. Your flowers are pretty, I love orange too. Beautiful photos, have a happy week!

  7. I think the orange flowers are blackberry lilies.

  8. I believe the orange flowers are blackberry lilies.

  9. I really like warm color flowers as well. Orange definitely qualifies. What nice photos and a bee capture, too. Now I'm curious to know if Karen is right about your posies being blackberry lilies.

  10. Beautiful! Love your header and your photographs!

  11. The unknown orange looks like lilies of some type, perhaps Karen above has the correct variety. Great capture of the bee in the first photo.

  12. Hi Kathy! We are neighbors! I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Glad you were able to get in the beautiful photos before the rain set in for the weekend. Sounds like from the 10:00 news that we will be expecting more and a little "tropical mischief" (the meteorologists phrase)! I am visiting from Mosaic Monday and am your newest follower. I would be honored to have you stop by Still Woods Farmhouse for a visit. The doors are always open!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  13. Lovely bright flowers. Have a wonderful week enjoying your garden.


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