Sunday, August 4, 2013

Antiques at the Loop Grand Opening

It finally arrived, August 1st.  
Grand Opening, Antiques at the Loop

I was doubting if I would ever, never get my booth finished.
But little by little, load after load, helping hands made it happen.

Grand Opening, Preview Party was Wonderful

Photo: Say hello to our new location- 28 South Florida Street in Mobile. Join us for our grand opening this weekend!

The booth is long, and it seemed even longer when we began.

It is packed full of American antiques and some reproductions. 

Some wonderful old painted pieces are tucked here and there to make for
an interesting stop.

How can I have an opening without fresh flowers to greet the guest.

I felt it was a little to early to bring out the orange and black for Halloween.  I have lots, lots and more old 
Halloween paper, hats, mask, decoration.  Lots of old lanterns and antique candy containers.
For the opening, I just tucked signs telling of the antiques to come on new skeletons, etc.
It will be fun.

Miss. Sassy greeted everyone.
If you find yourself near Florida Street, pop into the best antique mall in Alabama and the 
Gulf Coast.
Congratulations Desiree and Tim Tait!


  1. Kathy, It looks absolutely AMAZING!!! I hope your shop is a tremendous success! xo Diana

  2. Very nice! You are going to have so much fun!

  3. Kathy, your booth looks wonderful!
    Congratulations on your grand opening!

  4. Congrats on your both, looks amazing! Love your rocking horse, what is he made of?

  5. Lovely and I see that the dress form took center stage :)

  6. Great post Kathy. I am posting your new booth today on my blog...luv talking about my sweet neighbors:)


  7. Hi! visiting from your neighbor Linda's blog Coastal Charm! Your booth looks amazing and I love the flowers you make! Congratulations and happy sales!


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