Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paper and Glue

Good Morning,
                 I mention that my niece Ashley was planning a wedding.
                        I have been working on a wire heart wreath
               covered with old text hearts.  I can just see it hanging from all the
antique mirrors in Magnolia Manor. 

 So I have been practicing and I can't seem to find
a #14 wire, #19 is the largest.  It seems a little weak to hold the form, so I will be playing
with this little problem until I get it just right for her.

The hanger will be a sweet bird, maybe he will bring the love birds messages.

Working on new items for my new antique booth can be challenging,

I am just amazed at all the antique images you can download off Bing.
These images of the Blessed Mother, Mary, are so sweet.

I hope your work table is full of projects that you dearly love,

Enjoy this beautiful day God has made just you us, Kathy
                           I will be joining Mosaic Monday

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  1. What a beautiful, personal touch these will make at the wedding. Have you tried Ebay? Seems like I can find anything on there I need for crafting! I'm getting ready for my first show so my work room is a disaster - LOL!


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