Monday, April 3, 2017

Hello Dear Friends,
                                   Happy Spring

   Wrapping up Easter decorations, using a recent gift of the running hare floorcloth as my focal point for the table.  Although I do believe I need to bring everything in some, I'm having friends over Friday so we need a little room to eat. 

My collection of rabbits are antiques, vintage and a few fabulous antique reproductions.  It's always such fun when you unearth your holiday decorations for the season, and find a few treasurer you forgot.  

I love using cloches, holidays are always special when the season is tucked under glass.  This vignette is old books covered with text, pages from antiques books rolled up along with old fragments of hand carved molding with original yellow paint.

I spy a few sacred hearts tucked in and each cloche hides a rabbit or two. Spring, Easter and much loved treasures awaits you.

I will be hopping over to your home to see Easter soon. XOXO Kathy 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Easter Decorating - Rabbits, Lambs and Fresh Ideas

I love spring decorating and especially 
Eastertime with bunnies, lambs chicks and eggs.
Fresh spring colors to brighten the winter past.

Simply changing your china, adding easter tidbits can make all the difference in brightening your room.  LET SPRING IN!

Recently visiting my dear friend Doris,  I was inspired by her spring table, it's just the motivation needed to begin my transition from winter to spring.  

With Easter just around the corner
no better time to freshen each room.

I always love to buy new houseplants and to refresh the winter ones outside.  Doris had a few tucked here and there making spring peak out from antiques.

Keep them misted and hydrated for better performance and they will reward you
with charm.

I'm so blessed to have such talented
friends that are eager to share
their lovely homes.

This week I will wrap up my decorating and promise to keep you involved. XOXO Kathy 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Goodbye Winter!

I'm so glad to see winter behind me where I live and

 looking forward to planting some herbs to enjoy!

(no source found on internet)
I'm dreaming about all the wonderful dishes and concoctions I can make with the bounty!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hello Spring

Hello Dear Friends,With winter behind us its time to sprout and grow new life into our lives, welcoming spring.

Smelling the fresh spring air filled with the fragrances of flowers.Enjoying this beautiful weather,

(no source from image on internet)

I love, in the mornings, hearing the birds singing as they busy themselves making their new home.

The happy sounds are so welcoming and comforting in the busy city.

I have a happy little wren making her nest on my front porch

in the rafters.  They never seem to be scared away by humans, pets or 

noise, in fact they love to be close to us.  

How sweet is this?  

Take Care and Enjoy Spring,  XOXO Kathy

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas From My House to Yours

Christmas is HERE, what a glorious time of the year.

From my house to yours wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.


May your Christmas be bright and happy, filled with laughter and love.


I pray that God blesses you and your family and friends with a healthy, happy year filled with peace.


Celebrate the birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, King of Heaven and Earth.

 Love Kathy

Friday, October 14, 2016

Summer Trip to Serenbe With Dear Friends

 This summer my friends and I were invited to Serenbe, by our best buddy Toni Rueter. to enjoy a beautiful setting, wonderful food, great plays and lots of outing's.

My first time visit to Tyron, Ga. took us to Circa Vintage Market and Antiques

Is this cute or what?  Coffee Bar, every gal's dream.

Our early morning began with a light breakfast at Circa's Coffee Shop.


The staff won us over with their warm personalities and steamy hot coffee, a fun  unexpected surprise.  The coffee shop is bustling with warm personality and clever decorating.


This was a first for us all four but it's near and deer to us.  Deer heads beautifully painted with leaves and nature.

The coffee shop is packed full of great gifts and handcrafted delights to embellish your home or your favorite outfit. 

Then there is More........Flowers, The Funky Shack @ Circa


Natural flowers tucked in the cuties containers, the unexpected is everywhere. 

Hope you have a fun trip planned with your dear friends this fall.


When you're traveling make this a must stop location.  We will be heading back this month and looking forward to my hot coffee and friendly faces.

Theresa, Toni, Sandy and Myself  Wish You Happy Trails My Dear Friends, Love Kathy