Monday, April 3, 2017

Hello Dear Friends,
                                   Happy Spring

   Wrapping up Easter decorations, using a recent gift of the running hare floorcloth as my focal point for the table.  Although I do believe I need to bring everything in some, I'm having friends over Friday so we need a little room to eat. 

My collection of rabbits are antiques, vintage and a few fabulous antique reproductions.  It's always such fun when you unearth your holiday decorations for the season, and find a few treasurer you forgot.  

I love using cloches, holidays are always special when the season is tucked under glass.  This vignette is old books covered with text, pages from antiques books rolled up along with old fragments of hand carved molding with original yellow paint.

I spy a few sacred hearts tucked in and each cloche hides a rabbit or two. Spring, Easter and much loved treasures awaits you.

I will be hopping over to your home to see Easter soon. XOXO Kathy 

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