Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Good Morning,
            The weather is wonderful, it rained most of the night and everything in Mother Nature and in the animal kingdom has burst out in song.  This spring day will be lovely.
                  I played last night with some scrapes of old lace, just to peak your interest.  I wanted to showcase just a few of my
samples of wonderful handmade lace.

Most of my scrapes are from attic sales held at 
The Visitation Monastery Gift Shop

You just have to touch old lace
to appreciate the workmanship.

Such little scraps, to small to use on anything
but just to be cherished

I have been anxious to show you just a few, of my friend's, Russie Blackwell, lace pillows.  They are a treasure to have. 

Layer on layer of the most divine scraps
of antique lace.

Some of the lace is from the monastery where
we work.  From time to time
the Sisters of the Visitation bring down 
a box from the attic packed with antique
lace.  Lace that at one time
was used for vestments and altar cloths.

Russie's lace collection is enormous, she has collected
antique linens and lace for years.
She has just the right scraps to create
the most wonderful lace collages.

They are a work of art, each
embellished with vintage treasures or accented with a simple medal.

Enjoy this beautiful spring day, Kathy
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  1. My gosh- You have a beautiful collection of laces. I just love them! I hope you are having a wonderful day- xo Diana

  2. You have a beautiful blog Kathy, and I love this post about old lace. I have a few pieces that I've hesitated to use, but you've inspired me to try.
    Thank You!

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful lace. The pillows are absolutely gorgeous! I have a few old pieces I inherited from a great-aunt which I just cherish. I found you through Coastal Charm, so happy to be now following. :-)

  4. Be still my heart...the collection is breathtaking! Such stories each bit of lace must hold.
    Wishing you a splendid day Kathy!
    Sending hugs from my beehive...

  5. Hello Kathy! What a wonderful collection. Thanks so much for stopping over to say hi! Enjoy this beautiful day~Angie

  6. What an awesome collection of lace! I love how you have used it on the pillows and in the vignette.

  7. I love these...but then you doesn't love vintage lines...this is a great use of pieces of lace...I will have to put this in my to do list!!! Great blog!!!

  8. Oh my, Kathy, these are stunning! I'm not a real "lace" person (I don't have the kind of decor that would look good with lace additions), but I am definitely a "lace appreciator." It's all so beautiful.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog & leaving a sweet comment on my "Little Shabby Dress-Up." That's about as close as I can get to "foufy" around here, but I'm going to press that as far as I can. I have some more ruffly things cooking in my head....lol!

  9. So beautiful! I love vintage lace and the lace pillows are absolutely beautiful...sooo dreamy! You have a gorgeous collection and I love them displayed with the Frenchy crown and ornate frame. Thanks for sharing your pretty collection and for your sweet comment on my succulent pots. I appreciate you stopping by. Have a great weekend!~Poppy

  10. Oooh! You are so lucky to have such a wondrous collection of lace! It's hard to find the antique lace...I know because I pick it up myself here and there. Thanks for stopping by to see my perennial gardens...they'll look better when they start to bloom more! xo wendy

  11. What beautiful white lace pillows - Love all your religious items as well.
    Take care.


  12. Love those white lace pillows and all your religious them items - Beautiful! Take care.


  13. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your photos are wonderful. The ones you find on-line are also quite amazing. The lace in this post is fabulous! What a great collection!
    Thanks again!


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