Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hello Friend,
I have missed you, I have been up to my eye balls in ravens, skulls, rats, JOL's and more.
I have to admit I can't get over how laid back I
am with the decorating,
I finally finished my front door and window boxes.

I will post that tomorrow.
But for now lets have some good ole
spooky fun.

This is some of my antique
Jack O Lanterns squeezed into a black cabinet.

The guys and I have had a blast at many a
late night. I love them...but

When I started my blog back in May I thought it
would be a good source to help
sell some of my collection.

I have really approached it kicking and screaming.
Just the thought of getting all the halloween
down from the attic and not
including the dozen or so containers
in storage made me crazy.

It wasn't that I didn't know I needed to let it go.
I just simply kept procrastenating....Why?
Lord knows I haven't any space,
like the title of my blog......
I live in a TINY cottage.

For the past several years I just haven't brought it
all out. Don't get me started on the amount of work it takes.
Work, that is an understatement.
What for decades seemed so effortless,
a labor of love,
now seems like work.

I still decorate a great deal for the holidays, just not in the
same way.
They need to find good homes and not in a storage
container in the attic. They have been around
for many a decade and survived it all.

I realized this Halloween that I just
needed one more holiday season
to party
with them before I said goodbye.

This new decorating is truly effortless.


What's Halloween without a skull stacked
on old Frankenstein books under a cloche?
Simple I Love It!

Theresa and I are hosting a party Monday
for a group of wonderful
ladies, who get Halloween.
We have all shared such happy times
celebrating the season for the past few decades.
This gathering will like old times
and it can't be halloween
without my special friends.

I am going to try to link up with many a party or two.
For this next three weeks ....


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  1. Adorable pumpkins, but I really love that mantel!The cheesecloth draped over it is wonderful.

  2. Oh Kathy - I'm having weird chills here...First and foremost - FINALLY I am hearing someone echoing my reality - How I dearly, truly, love these wonderful Halloween collections of mine - but, for the first time in years, I'm not up to the WORK...and what work it is - to take them out and then...even worse...to lovingly pack them (properly) back into storage....I barely (ok...rarely) get it all put away before it's time to begin for Christmas...so very, very, sad. And I am a HUGE addict of papier mache lantern pumpkins...please don't tell me you could be talked into selling those...because I am in the same place you are but still being so, so, tempted. That is the one box I finally did haul out and get put out....

    And the final chill - that "Witches' Dance" picture - that you attributed to "Unknown Source"....That's my photo - and my picture...from this post:


    It's vintage sheet music I framed - and photographed for a blog scavenger hunt.....


  3. Your mantle looks so spooky. I love all your antique jack-o-lanterns. You have quite a few. I hardly even see them for sale any more. Hope you have lots of fun with your friends at your party.


  4. Hi, Kathy ~ I love your mantel and your antique pumpkin collection. I so hear you on the work involved in keeping up with all of the decorating. I'm trying to simplify and "find my style". I know it will be primitive but have to start going with less. Too much work and this year with a broken arm I'm lucky I got anything accomplished. Thanks for stopping by my blog & I will be a new follower of yours. Thanks for all of the cool links.
    take good care ~

  5. You have some great vintage jack o lanterns. Nicely displayed too.

  6. Hey Kathy! How are you? Your collection is fantastic. One can never have enough. :) Yep that's what I say to myself everytime I collect...I'll stop by tomorrow to see your door. Amazing links. I'm most intrigued by witches dance...sounds like me.:)
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  7. Your pumpkin collection looks gorgeous and so beautifully displayed. Love your Halloween decoration, Kathy...but I hate spiders.

  8. Wow! What beautiful Halloween decor you have! What fun! I love this time of the year! Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas!


  9. Your vintage Jack'o'lanterns are great!
    Perhaps you could list your decorations that you are planning to sell now so you won't have to put them away in storage again and have to retrieve them to sell. That way you can enjoy them being out and photograph them ('in their natural setting' so to speak)for sale and send them off to their new home all in one fell swoop!
    Thanks for visiting me today and for your kind comment on my crow pillow.

  10. Love these vintage lanterns. I remember some of these at my grandmother's attic when I was really little. Never knew what happened to them. love seeing yours! thanks so much for linking up to VIF, xo

  11. Kathy, I'm your latest follower. I can totally relate to your comments. I've yet to pull anything out for fall or Halloween, and I have plenty of boxes waiting in the attic. Just returned from a long trip, and I don't think I have it in me to do it this year. Seeing your fabulous collection of vintage jack-o-lanterns brought back sweet memories. I had one of these as a child. Also one that was a black cat. How I wish I still had them. I would treasure it now. No idea where they ended up. My mom was not one to keep things. ;-(
    Your collection is incredible. I don't how you could ever consider parting with it. Thanks for sharing. I'll be back often. ~ Sarah

  12. Thank you for stopping by Our Pioneer Homestead!
    I so love that black candle/crow display!!!!

  13. Love the black candles and the antique jack-o-lanterns... !!

  14. I love your Halloween decorations! Your jack-o-lanterns are wonderful. I also am really loving your mantel and the skull under the cloche. Very nice decorating. Thank you for joining me at HSH Fall Open House! I'm late getting around, last week internet troubles.:)

  15. Just found your blog over at Sherry's Home Sweet Home party and I am so glad I did! Just became your newest follower, would love it if you followed back:) Your Halloween decorations look AMAZING! I love that last picture! Looking forward to seeing more! Martina


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