Friday, May 10, 2013

Fairies, Fairies and More Fairies, Oh My

My backyard was filled with every shape and size of Fairies and a 

few Brownie's and Pixie's were joining the party.

I celebrated spring with a Fairy Party for all my

little friends, a party I imagine they will remember forever.

I have enjoyed planning this party.  Could it be because I Believe?

Kids at this young age are such a joy to experience, 

Moms and Grandmothers too.

To look into their faces and see the miracle of imagination

  is wonderful.

It's not about what you spend...this I know firsthand.

I asked each child, as they left, what was some of their

favorite parts of the party and the majority said


  Marshmallows and Bubbles.

Thank you Dollar Tree and Dollar General. 

 Fairies make any beautiful spot their home.

This oversize birdcage is just perfect.

The little Fairies are on a quest to 

find the homes of the tiny ones.

Bubbles, Bubbles and more Bubbles

This spring has been so delightful here in the deep

south and I took advantage of it.

I have worked on a checkerboard patio that 

I am thrilled with.  

I will update you on the other backyard project soon, I promise.

I was so sad when the very last Fairy left, but it

gives me comfort in knowing that

lots and lots of the tiny folks live here, there

and everywhere in my yard.

Thanks for joining us, Kathy


  1. What a beautiful bunch of fairies. Looks like tons of fun.

  2. Gorgeous party with such a pretty group of little fairies! Must have been a blast!

  3. What an adorable idea for a party! Makes me wish I still had some littles flitting around.

    That checkerboard looks really cool!

  4. How lovely... wish my girls and I could have been there enjoying all the magic ;) Love the girls dresses.



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