Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Things like Fairy's and Lightening Bugs

and Wonderland 

To see these things through a child's eyes...... is to Believe.

    I said I was having a FAIRY PARTY for my friends children 

and Grandchildren.

But I Fudged.......I had it for me

What fun we had

What Magical Day it Was!

Photo: Fairy Party

I will be sharing more but I must close for now

I am so tired

I think I will lay in this Fairy Mushroom Ring and dream of dancing.



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  1. Oh, wow!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love this post. What a magical time y'all had! LOVE this! So what was the occasion? A themed party or was it someone's birthday? I love it. My younger daughter and I love fairies (still) :D


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