Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hello Friends,
I wish I could capture and keep the 
wonderful scents of spring.

Jasmine is always a favorite of mine.

The picket fence along the driveway side of my house
is covered with Jasmine and its always a wonderful welcome when you pull in.

The sweet smell of Jasmine greets you and on 
breeze mornings it lingers
and welcomes you at the door.

This is the one time of the year
that I can have the sweet scent
of flowers throughout my garden and in my house.

Fresh flowers from your own garden

is there anything better?

Gardenia - Yep can't get any better

It's a shame the blooms don't last long, but the short rewards are wonderful.

My Gardenia bush is directly out my favorite window
and last year it had gotten as tall as the house,
blocking the bird action,
so I pruned it drastically this fall.

 I have been rewarded with an abundance of blooms.  
Each one more fragrant than the last.  

I have had no luck with drying this beauties and when one
does hold it's shape it turns brown.  
They would be great to tuck in a dried wreath or Tussie Mussie.

Check out where I will be visiting and linking and make sure you sign up for Ivy & Elephants Birthday Giveaway - it is wonderful.

I need some of their magic, how do they do it?  Patti and Paula my hat is off to you gals.  I think we both started blogging around the same time and you have remained so consistent with your posting - it shows.  You are one of my favorite regular stops.
 I myself am always MIA esp. when the seasons change.
I stay away for months at a time and that just doesn't get it.  When I get back in the grove I have to relearn all those tricks over again.  
Gosh it's exhausting.  Who am I kidding - I am going to 
 blame it all on Pinterest.

I am just so happy I don't forget how to get to your blog,
I would miss you if I couldn't drop by for a visit.


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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Back Yard Makeover - Phase 1

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely spring and with spring
comes outside projects.

 After spending the last few years fighting weeds,
I decided I would begin on a new course for my lawn.

It is called elimination!  Yes, you heard
 My  Back Yard Makeover first began with
putting down a patio.  Recruiting help for me
was the challenge.  

Directly out my back door 
we began with laying 16" concrete
patio pavers.  
I am already loving it and the
frosting isn't on yet.

I have always loved
checkerboard patios
so we began with laying 
all the block/pavers then removing
those that would be replaced with sod.

I love it!  

It will be a challenge
keeping it trimmed but one
I am up for.

I can see lots of years of fun.

It mows easily but the ole trustee scissors do 
the trick.  I can see where you 
would need to trim it weekly.
That sucker grows and we really haven't 
been having a lot of rain. 

So for now I have a patio but I will be adding
a few more rows to extend to a more
desirable size and buying an weed eater. 

I have to admit the labor was
the biggest espense of the project.  

I hope you have enjoyed my Phase 1 of my
Back Yard Makeover. Just in the Knick of Time.

What have you been up to?
I am joining a few parties, hope to see you there.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013




I hope you are enjoying a lovely

spring. Here in the deep south it is 

unbelievably cool. 

 Finally I think I have my blog MOJO back. Despite that due to my carelessness I am short a decent camera and my phone is broke (I found out the hard way that they just don't like having a trunk slammed on them). I hope to remedy it this weekend.

I have been so busy in my yard this spring, enjoying every minute, that I can't 

wait to share some of my blessings.  

This is the front of my tiny cottage, roses are in bloom and everything is so happy with the cool days and nights.

My bird feeder is usually packed out
with those cute hungry critters.  But it is almost dusk and they are heading to their nest to settle in for the night.

To the left of my porch this

20yr. old transplant graces

my yard.  Oak Leaf's are wonderful.

I can sit on my glass porch and enjoy the view while sipping my morning JAVA

  Drop by and visit Inspire Me Tuesday, and check out what Ricki Jill has been up to

a brand new blog facelift. Just Terrific

Thanks for dropping by,  Kathy  


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A Tiny Cottage on Grand

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fairies, Fairies and More Fairies, Oh My

My backyard was filled with every shape and size of Fairies and a 

few Brownie's and Pixie's were joining the party.

I celebrated spring with a Fairy Party for all my

little friends, a party I imagine they will remember forever.

I have enjoyed planning this party.  Could it be because I Believe?

Kids at this young age are such a joy to experience, 

Moms and Grandmothers too.

To look into their faces and see the miracle of imagination

  is wonderful.

It's not about what you spend...this I know firsthand.

I asked each child, as they left, what was some of their

favorite parts of the party and the majority said


  Marshmallows and Bubbles.

Thank you Dollar Tree and Dollar General. 

 Fairies make any beautiful spot their home.

This oversize birdcage is just perfect.

The little Fairies are on a quest to 

find the homes of the tiny ones.

Bubbles, Bubbles and more Bubbles

This spring has been so delightful here in the deep

south and I took advantage of it.

I have worked on a checkerboard patio that 

I am thrilled with.  

I will update you on the other backyard project soon, I promise.

I was so sad when the very last Fairy left, but it

gives me comfort in knowing that

lots and lots of the tiny folks live here, there

and everywhere in my yard.

Thanks for joining us, Kathy

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Things like Fairy's and Lightening Bugs

and Wonderland 

To see these things through a child's eyes...... is to Believe.

    I said I was having a FAIRY PARTY for my friends children 

and Grandchildren.

But I Fudged.......I had it for me

What fun we had

What Magical Day it Was!

Photo: Fairy Party

I will be sharing more but I must close for now

I am so tired

I think I will lay in this Fairy Mushroom Ring and dream of dancing.