Sunday, May 26, 2013

Back Yard Makeover - Phase 1

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely spring and with spring
comes outside projects.

 After spending the last few years fighting weeds,
I decided I would begin on a new course for my lawn.

It is called elimination!  Yes, you heard
 My  Back Yard Makeover first began with
putting down a patio.  Recruiting help for me
was the challenge.  

Directly out my back door 
we began with laying 16" concrete
patio pavers.  
I am already loving it and the
frosting isn't on yet.

I have always loved
checkerboard patios
so we began with laying 
all the block/pavers then removing
those that would be replaced with sod.

I love it!  

It will be a challenge
keeping it trimmed but one
I am up for.

I can see lots of years of fun.

It mows easily but the ole trustee scissors do 
the trick.  I can see where you 
would need to trim it weekly.
That sucker grows and we really haven't 
been having a lot of rain. 

So for now I have a patio but I will be adding
a few more rows to extend to a more
desirable size and buying an weed eater. 

I have to admit the labor was
the biggest espense of the project.  

I hope you have enjoyed my Phase 1 of my
Back Yard Makeover. Just in the Knick of Time.

What have you been up to?
I am joining a few parties, hope to see you there.

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  1. Your patio is going to be so charming. I've always loved the checkerboard pattern too. I think a good weed eater will definitely come in handy! : )

  2. Love the checkerboard...I shall look forward to the backyard finish...I feel certain that it shall be splendid!
    Happy day to you,

  3. That is very unique--quite a conversation area. Excited to see what else you do. We are in the process of making a garden path around the back half of our home next to our deck and then a firepit. Last week I got my annuals planted in pots and enjoying my perrinials. I adore your message on the header, I feel the same way. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. It looks great! We built a house a couple of years ago, and we cant afford a patio yet, but I'm gonna pin yours for later. It's so cute!

  5. Love it.Always wanted something like that.But the hubs told i twould be to hard. He just didnt want to do it! ")

  6. How fun! I can see my kids skipping around on the pavers and trying to avoid the "hot lava" grass. Its a great focal piece for your patio.

  7. I love the checkerboard pattern! Gives me some ideas to do in my yard. We just installed a zipper paver path and so I know how much work it can be, but so worthwhile when you get such stunning results. I would love to have you share this with my readers. Stop by the Wicked Good Wednesday Blog Party and link this up!

  8. The checkerboard is an attractive design!

  9. Loving your patio! I am soooo envious. I have wanted one of these for a very long time, and agree, it's always 'the help'. Are you going to add chess pieces or how about giant checkers, I bet you could make those yourself! Can't wait to see Patio Phase Two!

  10. Kathy!!!! I love, love LOVE your patio! I've always loved this checkerboard look. I'm very impressed, my dear!


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