Sunday, July 1, 2012

Home Grown Beauties

Saturday morning before work I made it
downtown for our
Farmers Market.

A tent full of fresh flowers is certainly a vision,
and a wonderful way to start the day.

All of their happy faces are shouting "Take Me Home".

I hope this flower gardener's house stays full of her
rewards.  She grows a wonderful

For $7.00 a bunch you can fill an ironstone pitcher
full a beautiful blooms to last the week.

I can see a beautiful basket filled with flowers on my front door or 
little vases all in a row on my dining table.  
Oh Well, After stocking up on Silver Queen Corn,
fresh tomatoes and peaches I was off to work.
Prayers are with you all who are suffering extreme weather conditions.

Wishing you a blessed Sunday, Kathy
Joining friends to party:


  1. Nothing makes me happier than beautiful fresh flowers! Thanks for sharing these beautiful blooms. New follower!

  2. Oh- those flowers are just gorgeous! Too bad you had to work though- xo Diana

  3. What a treat to give yourself! There is nothing as cheery as a bouquet of fresh flowers.

  4. Wow! how beautiful! Anyways, home is the most popular, and will be the most enduring of all earthly establishments. Cheers, @Laura
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  5. beautiful lovely fresh 'em :)

  6. Merci de partager ces sublimes bouquets. Bonne journée.

  7. Beautiful flowers! There is no store close to where I live (closest is 100 miles away) but there are some wildflowers around - many in fact - enough that if I go pick them that there will still be many. Thanks for the inspiration to bring some beauty that I will so enjoy indoors.

  8. Oh Kathy....the colours are so vivid....they really make you smile!

    ciao bella
    stop by to visit my Where Bloggers Create Studio Showcase, if you like!

    creative carmelina

  9. Oh the blooms are enough to make your
    soul soar! To have them in my home
    all the time would be so special. Thanks
    for posting and sharing such lovely.

  10. Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog....I like your space too!! thanks for sharing!!

  11. I agree! I love going to our farmers market for a beautiful bouquet of fresh garden flowers!

  12. What an abundance of summer blooms. I love to shop at local farmer's markets.


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